Functional Medicine is the science of creating health.

Dr. Irina Matveikova has Twenty-five years of Medical practise developing personalized methods based of the fundamentals of Functional and Preventive Medicine, comprehensive innovative diagnostics, and treatments.

Special focus on lifestyle changes, hormonal health and Microbiome. Educator on Global and Digestive Health, author of 4 books and many articles.

Special focus on lifestyle changes, hormonal health and Microbiome.

  • Fully certified MD professional in Functional Medicine
  • (Institute for Functional Medicine, Cleveland Clinic USA)
  • MD licenced in Family Medicine & General Surgery
  • Specialized in Endocrinology and Clinical Nutrition
  • Multiple courses on Natural Sciences

Author of 4 Books

Dr. Matveikova is the author of 4 books published by La Esfera de los Libros

Digestive Intelligence  (2011)

Receiving national and international acclaim, Digestive Intelligence has become regarded a key resource in decoding our digestive system, re-published 10 times and translated into 6 languages.

Pure Health (2013)

An essential guide to detox through the principles of holistic medicine, with steps on how to purify the body to achieve greater well-being.

Digestive Intelligence for Children (2015)

An extension of Digestive Intelligence specifically tailored for children and the growing human body, which has been translated into 3 languages.

Bacteria: The Digestive Revolution (2018)

An exploration into the bacteria of our digestive system, and its influence on our emotions, wellbeing and vitality.

The team

My team and professional collaborators who apply Functional Medicine into medical practice.

Macarena Lopez

Project Manager & Health Coach

Katie Oldham

Marketing, RRSS, HR

Anabel Rossello

Global strategy & Management

Dra. Dinnaru Gonzalez

Family Medicine & Clinical Nutrition. FM trainee

Dra. Alena Cámbara

Urogynaecology & Andrology

Dr. Mariano Rossello

Andrology & Urology

Beatriz Moreno PhD

Sport Medicine and Healthy Lifestyle Physical Activity

Ana Nicolau

Psychology, Stress & Sleep Management