A science that gets to the root of “why” we get sick.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine (also known as Network Medicine) is an entirely different and revolutionary view of health and disease. FM looks at the body as an ecosystem, a web of complex interconnected systems that regulate our biological functioning.

It is a science that gets to the root cause of “why” we get sick. If we understand the “why” – the root causes and the changes they trigger in our biology, then we can transform our health and wellbeing, and extend our lives. Functional Medicine embraces the complexity of multifactorial influences on disease. Instead of practicing the current organ-based, single-disease, single-drug model that targets and suppresses symptoms, it allows us to map out the root causes and address all of them with multiple simultaneous intervention to restore optimal function. It focuses on the personalized strategies for lifestyle interventions, to prevent or reverse chronic disease and create the best outcome.

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Longevity +

Our longevity is more malleable than you may think.

Executive health

To be CEO of your own health it is essential to understand and manage longevity.

Dr. Irina Matveikova

With more than 25 years of professional experience, Dr. Matveikova has become an international reference in the area of Functional and Preventive Medicine. Dr. Matveikova has developed her personalized methods that are based on a comprehensive and advanced diagnosis of the patient’s global health, with a particular focus on functional nutrition, microbiome and patient re-education.

Functional Medicine is the science of creating health.

“Bacteria: The Digestive Revolution”

An exploration into the bacteria of our digestive system, and its influence on our emotions, wellbeing and vitality.


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