Longevity health programs

Our longevity is more malleable than you may think. The past need not dictate our future.

Even if your parents or family members endured health difficulties and complications due to old age, it does not have to mean the same for you. The science of living better and for longer is already here.

The key to health and longevity is balance: Activating metabolic and hormonal pathways to rebuild, heal and nourish, without causing any further damage.


We focus on searching for the root causes as to why disease and ageing occurs, treating systems, instead of just symptoms.


We apply the latest scientific anti-aging diagnostics and protocols into practical programs to improve your wellness and longevity.

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We offer a unique program of cutting-edge treatments that will promote healing and help you reverse your biological age.

Longevity & Hormonal Health – Women

Longevity & Hormonal Health – Men

Longevity &
Cardiometabolic Health

Longevity &
Immunologic health

Longevity &
Gut health

Longevity & Hormonal Health

These protocols are designed to rebalance your hormones, sexual health and fertility to activate your innate longevity and improve how you feel.

What’s included?

Complimentary treatments

In the event you may require more in-depth diagnostics and/or age-reverse medical intervention, you might receive additional medical recommendations.


High intensity electromagnetic chair
An innovative neuromodulation and toning of pelvic area and intimate zones to treat local dysfunctions


Emotional & Mental Health assessment
Sleep & stress management; inner balance, spiritual development


PRP (Platelet -rich plasma bio-stimulation) & Hyaluronic Acid infiltrations


Structural physical assessment
Bone & muscle strength, body balance, flexibility,optimal body weight


Erectile function ultrasound exam


Andrology & Gynecology
Aesthetic and functional functional innovative sexual surgery


Hormonal substitute biodentical treatment

Longevity & Cardiometabolic Health

The number one cause of death in the world is chronic diseases related to our metabolism and cardiovascular system. Just to name a few:

  • Atherosclerosis and its consequences: thrombosis, stroke.
  • Type 2 diabetes linked to overweight and obesity.
  • Type 3 diabetes, which is Alzheimer’s disease or early dementia.

When a patient reaches one of these diagnoses, it means they have spent many years of their life with chronic inflammation and harmful metabolic imbalance.
Our Longevity & Cardio-Metabolic Health program is designed for early diagnosis and prevention of these problems.
Enjoy longevity with full clarity on your cardio-metabolic health!

What’s included?

What does it not include?

Doppler ultrasound of the carotid arteries

Advanced cardiological study: wireless 72-hour Holter monitoring (extended monitoring of cardiac function), Doppler echocardiography, coronary CT angiography (if needed); Stress test; Stress echocardiogram.

72-hour glucose level monitoring

Additional specialist consultations if needed: cardiology, internal medicine, vascular

Sleep study

Longevity & Immunologic health

Over the years, the immune system can become more fragile, slower, and less effective in its protective action, while also becoming more reactive and generating excessive inflammation.

The COVID pandemic has demonstrated the significant immunological vulnerabilities that people of advanced age may experience.

Having a well-functioning immune system means much more than just avoiding colds or external infections. The immune system controls inflammation of any origin, eliminates toxins and harmful cells, monitors our mucosal boundaries in the digestive and respiratory systems, combats allergies and controls the quality and assimilation of all the nutrients we ingest.

With our Longevity & Immune Health program, you can learn all about your immunity and enhance your health.

What’s included?

What does it not include?

Advanced study of the intestinal microbiome.

Imaging and functional studies (respiratory system function study, allergy, or toxicology tests).

Medical consultations with other specialists.

Intravenous treatments with serums enriched with active ingredients (detox, energy, and defence boost, etc.)

Immunotherapy, custom vaccine design

Specialized physiotherapy in defence.

Longevity & gut health

The digestive system is critical to good health.

Any dysfunction in the Gastrointestinal track can be the root cause of a chronic problem we may have, including autoimmune diseases, skin problems and heart disease, among others.

70% of the immune system lives in the gut where inflammation begins.

Our Longevity & Gut health program is design to restore your digestive issues,
reverse damage and improve chronic ailments through the 5 Functional
framework steps:

  1. Remove negative stressors as parasites, bad bacteria, yeast or foods.
  2. Replace digestive secretions with beneficial enzymes and nutrients.
  3. Repair the lining of the GI tract.
  4. Reinoculated beneficial bacteria to reestablish a balance gut flora with
    specific probiotics and prebiotics.
  5. Rebalance global digestive health.

What’s included?

Complimentary treatments (not included into the program)

In the event you may require more in-depth diagnostics and/or gut-reverse medical interventions, you might receive additional medical recommendations.

Abdominal Ultrasound specific imaging test to learn about your GI motility.



Liver health and detox tests

Overall toxic load and mycotoxin load

Endocrine distributors within the microbiome.

Endoscopic Ultrasound


Medical consultations with other specialists

In-depth nutritional treatment and follow up.

Specific MRI o CAT imaging tests

Colon Cancer risk´s advanced markers

Allergy tests


As someone who has mastered the art of developing business and achieving wealth, you’re likely well aware of the sacrifice, stress and strategy it requires to be successful.

It feels good to be in control of your own empire and to reap the rewards of your hard work. But can you claim to have the same level of mastery over yourself? Health & Wealth go hand in hand. To be CEO of your own health and ensure longevity, it is essential to understand and control the causes of slow death: chronic inflammatory, cardiometabolic, and degenerative diseases.
Slow death moves even slower than we may realise. When someone dies “suddenly” of a heart attack or stroke, the disease has most likely been progressing in their coronary and brain arteries for decades.
While following a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise is great at keeping us healthy, it is not enough alone to prevent slow death. Neither is it wise to simply wait for the latest scientific breakthrough that could magically renew our cells and rejuvenate our systems.
We must intervene sooner.

Executive health

If you find yourself asking:

What is the trajectory of my health and wellbeing?

How can I ensure my future prosperity?

Do I have a strategy for longer life and better quality of living?

Our Executive Health Program is the answer.

Take action now.